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Our message
[ in a bottle ]:

Over the past few months, we have been working with Austral Fisheries as part of the seafoodforgood program to come up with solutions to transform seafood processing waste into real food products. Today, we are launching our crowdfunding campaign to produce the very first batch of delicious prawn oil, all natural and packed with flavour and nutrients!

Starting small, we want to address the issues that exist in both our daily diets and the broader supply chain —  improving the food supply chain by using nutritional elements that are otherwise discarded as waste. Fusing great flavour with sustainable principles, we replicate a chef's practice of using up everything within their kitchen.

Here at Seaweedery, we see food is a powerful argument for a change, as we eat and buy food daily.

Let's move sustainable seafood to the centre of a plate — only together can we make it a reality!